Retirement is the point where a person stops paid employment - not living.

THOMPSON PARTNERS understands two important facts that will influence our standard of living in retirement. Australians are living longer, and most of us don’t have enough super.

Retiring from the workforce is the accepted moment in our lives when employment income ceases, and yet we tend to delay planning for it. Clients want options when considering retirement, so the earlier we prepare – the better. THOMPSON PARTNERS work with our client’s to forecast expected income needs so we can carefully utilise existing resources to achieve these goals.

It is imperative for our clients that we keep up to date with intricate legislation. By using a combination of retirement planning options and working closely with your Accountant, THOMPSON PARTNERS give our clients confidence and control over their future.

We recognize that it's very personal when handling financial matters and offer a face to face initial meeting to help us understand more about you.