A financial health assessment is the foundation of all our advice and planning services.

THOMPSON PARTNERS explore all aspects of our client’s current financial situation before we provide financial advice.

Not only do we consider the obligatory numbers – income, expenses, assets and liabilities - we also discover what’s important in our client’s lives. Why is this essential? We believe everyone has unique lifestyle goals, so naturally your financial strategy should reflect your personal needs.

An accurate financial health assessment is the foundation of your long term financial strategy. We ascertain much of this information in our initial meeting but often it’s the work done behind the scene that makes the difference. THOMPSON PARTNERS use advanced financial modeling software, budgeting tools in addition to the latest industry information. These tools enable us to determine our client’s current financial position and form a true starting point to begin designing a sound financial strategy.

We recognize that it's very personal when handling financial matters and offer a face to face initial meeting to help us understand more about you.