THOMPSON PARTNERS provide a full range of financial planning services to assist you in managing and building your wealth.

Financial Health Assessments

THOMPSON PARTNERS explore all aspects of our client’s current financial situation before we provide financial advice. Not only do we consider the obligatory numbers – income, expenses, assets and liabilities - we also discover what’s important in our client’s lives...

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Strategic Financial Planning

Clients ask for THOMPSON PARTNERS because they require professional advice outside their general scope of knowledge. The finance industry encompasses a great deal of complex legislation regarding taxation, superannuation and insurance...

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Retirement Planning

THOMPSON PARTNERS understands two important facts that will influence our standard of living in retirement. Australians are living longer, and most of us don’t have enough super...

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Ongoing Portfolio Management

A strategy soon looses its value if it is not reviewed regularly. THOMPSON PARTNERS understands various factors will influence a long term strategy and the importance of acting promptly if adjustments need to be made...

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Risk Management

THOMPSON PARTNERS use insurance as financial protection for a variety of personal and business purposes. Using the latest risk modelling software, we calculate the loss that may result from death, accident or sickness and match suitable products to meet our client’s needs...

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We recognize that it's very personal when handling financial matters and offer a face to face initial meeting to help us understand more about you.